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Searching For Polia

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Tony Grist
21 January 1951
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Poliphilo is in love with Polia. They have been playing hide and seek for a long time now.


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My poems are (in the process of being) collected at fra_franciscus



There is a kind of poetic writing
The young do best. It’s to do with colours,
Textures and scent, and our English masters
Are Hopkins and Keats- but neither man
Would have written that way had they lived to be forty.
The older I get the more I find
I admire a Protestant aesthetic
Of plain white walls with nothing but hatchments
To break the drift. Plain thoughts, plain words
And none of your artful fol-de-rols
To please the girls. Lets keep it as clean
As a sword blade crossing an open Bible.



Purchas is a medieval teenager who, entirely by accident, gets to drink the elixir of immortality.

I've posted her adventures, in installments over at purchas

There are four books.

Purchas: The Crown and the Thorn Bush, set in the 1480s.

Purchas: The Wild Hunt, set in 1529.

Purchas: Tragical-comical-historical-pastorall set in 1607.

Purchas: The Embarkation For Cythera, set in 1670.

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