Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Actually I Lead Quite A Busy Life

We didn't go to the hospital- the first time we've missed in over a fortnight. Eric is mostly sleeping these days.

In the morning the BT engineer came and fitted our new- and costlier- hub. Now I can stream video without worrying about racking up extra fees.

I watched an hour or two of Murdoch's testimony to the Leveson Enquiry. He's a canny old bastard- carefully examining every question for concealed booby-traps before he answers. Every once in a long while there's a flash of the forked tongue.

Mike rang; Sue-Young's book is doing so well she's been commissioned to write another two.

In the afternoon Carl stopped by to show me his new camera; he wants me to teach him how to shoot architecture; I suppose I know a thing or two.

I finished Mary Renault's the Persian Boy. Now I know more than I did about Alexander the Great. Renault's Alexander is one of Kipling's idealized Indian Army subalterns plus hot boy-love. It's a book about Empire- why it seems like a good idea but actually ain't.

I watched the second episode of The Bridge on the BBC i-player. I find socially clueless Saga endearing; I suppose I identify with her.

Before turning in I read three short stories by Ambrose Bierce; they're punchy, but over-dependent on twists and last-minute reveals and technically clumsy. I don't think he wrote them to last.
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