Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Curse Of Murdoch

There's little doubt the Cameron government did everything in its power to aid the Murdoch Empire. Its willingness  to hurt and hamstring the BBC- one of our greatest national institutions- in the interests of a foreign billionaire was shameful and- in my personal opinion- treasonous. We could see what they were doing. It was pretty damn obvious. Cameron's partying with Rebekah Brooks, his sharing of her lovely horse (the one the police gave her for being such a good buddy), his employment of the discredited Murdoch satrap Andy Coulson, the giving of the BSkyB brief to the biddable Jeffery Hunt were all signs of where his (purchased) loyalties lay. All that was lacking was the kind of evidence that would have traction in a court of law. Now, with the release of NewsCorp emails by the Leveson Enquiry, that sort of material is coming to hand. Hunt is surely done for and Osborne and Cameron and Clegg must be sweating. Today the Leveson Enquiry hears again from Rupert Murdoch. Will he grass them up? He might. 

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