Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

A Bit Of This, A Bit Of That...

1.One of the senior nurses said there's little chance of Eric been accepted into remedial care unless he shows a little "motivation". It's what we've been saying among our ourselves- and to him, only he doesn't listen- for days. Yesterday we got a little tough. We asked the staff to get him out of bed and cheered on one of them (bottle-blond, hard as nails) while she fed him a yoghurt and tried to get him to hold his feeding cup. Left to himself he'd simply drift downstream, which would be fine if he actually wanted to die, but he doesn't. He keeps asking to come home, but isn't willing to lift a finger to help himself.

2. While we're talking hospitals, few things recently have enraged me as much as Andrew Lansley's proposal to pay NHS staff in poorer areas less than those in wealthy ones. The icing on the cake is the suggestion that  "high-calibre leaders and staff responsible for transforming delivery" will continue to be paid the same rate no matter where they work. So much for "we're all in this together". 

3. Last night I forewent Antiques Roadshow to watch a Time Team Special on The Staffordshire Hoard. As someone said, it doesn't make much sense to talk of "The Dark Ages" when you're looking at such fabulous things. The gold was probably sourced from Byzantium and the garnets- through Byzantium- from India. Anglo-Saxon Britain was as well connected as Roman Britain- and its artwork far superior. 

4. It's a thrill-packed life being a forensic pathologist. When you're not cutting up bodies (only a minor part of the work, actually) you're sleuthing around in defiance of the police and getting into hand to hand combat with dangerous criminals. It strikes me that it's been a while since we've had a show about the bread-and-butter realities of crime and police work- along the lines of Z Cars and The Bill- and it's about time we had another. 

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