Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Bridge

I'm aware I may have missed something by not watching The Killing or Borgen so having nothing better to do last night I let BBC 4 show me the first episode of The Bridge.  It held me for an hour. The protagonists are a fiercely rational, socially maladroit Swedish cop and her Danish colleague- a doggy-eyed, schlubbish, lady's man- or in other words- or another incarnation- Holmes and Watson. The crime they are investigating is one of those extraordinarily contrived, riddling murders no real-life criminal would ever be intelligent enough to pull off; a corpse- made up of halves of two corpses- one fresh, one just out of the deep-freeze- has been laid across the borderline between Denmark and Sweden in the middle of the Oresundbrun. To accomplish this feat the killer took down the lights on the bridge for 45 seconds. So far, so far fetched. But it's very nicely done- with winning central performances and lots of lovely urban nightscapes with jewelled streets and yellow skies. Whether I follow through depends on the level of my appetite for comfort food. At present, with all the hospital visiting we're doing, I have to say it's pretty high.

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