Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Bring Back The Mammoth

Mike and I talked about the weather as English people do. I told him about our unseasonable blizzard, he told me about his typhoon.

The snow had thawed by yesterday afternoon. We drove into town; the daffodils along King's Rd were still upstanding- if a little ruffled-  and the magnolia outside the Full Gospel church had hung onto most of its blooms. 

I watched a programme about mammoths last night. Professor Alice Roberts was crunching over the permafrost, blowing out clouds of golden smoke. We know a lot about mammoths, thanks to all the frozen carcasses they left behind in Siberia. We've sequenced their DNA and the Japanese are in possession of bone marrow and hope to produce a clone within the next five years. Alice said this raised moral issues, but I don't see what they are. It's just animal husbandry. We mess about with nature to produce meatier beef-cows and show-dogs with curlier tails, so why not a hairier elephant? 
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