Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Gorgeous George

George Galloway is a buccaneer. His sort come along very rarely in any walk of life- and he's about the only one currently buckling a swash in British politics. Hating on him- as the political establishment and their hangers-on in the media do- is counterproductive and just makes the haters look timid and conventional and dreary. Bandy words with him and he'll take you down because he's fearless and you ain't. He may be a totally obnoxious human being, but who wouldn't prefer him to the 24 hour party people they put up against him? A vote for George is a vote for the life force. He has no party organisation to speak of and there's no danger of him ever being anything more than an irritant in the body politic, but what an irritant! What a tonic!

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