Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Church Musicians

Church Musicians Window, King's Heath, Birmingham
Church Musicians Window, King's Heath, Birmingham

My pictures of the wedding were sub par, so I'm not posting any. If you're working in a dark building and you choose (for aesthetic reasons) to avoid flash you have to hope that your subjects will stay still and your hand won't shake. Sometimes you get lucky; this time I didn't. Never mind, the official photos will be fabulous.

This is my only success. I thought it might interest the church musicians among you. The window commemorates Leslie George White who was organist at Cambridge Rd Methodist Church for 63 years- from 1897 to 1960. He's sitting at the keyboard with his heroes towering above him. I love it how Charles Wesley gets to be the main man, with Bach and Handel as his sidekicks.
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