Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


Hoo-roar! We're connected again. The BT engineer was here this morning and did some fiddling and we have a new phone number and we have broadband- and no longer need to piggy-back on Sam's. It's over a month now since this comedy kicked off. 

Eric is still in hospital. When we saw him yesterday he was on a 48 hour course of antibiotics- after which he may be fit to be released back into the community.

We've been getting ourselves ready for Mike's wedding at the weekend. I tried on my suit and it still fits as well as it ever did (thank goodness).  It was made for my father by a London tailor (not Saville Row but somewhere nearby) and he was shorter in the arms and a little narrower in the chest than I am but not by so much that I can't carry it off.  Later I helped Ailz shave her legs and she cut my hair. What a smart old couple we're going to be. 

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