Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


We ducked out of hospital visiting yesterday. We had an excuse. We had been given to understand that BT were finally sending an engineer to sort out our phone line and broad band. Did this happen? Actually, no. 

We got up early in case the engineer (who didn't come) appeared first thing. That might explain why we're feeling so tired today. The one good thing about getting up early (I find) is that I remember my dreams. Among the dreams I remember is one in which David Attenborough was explaining why the secondhand Bible he'd just bought was such a snip at £4.50.

I'm reading Rose Macaulay's They Were Defeated. I love Macaulay but I'm not sure I can finish this. It's one of those historical novels in which characters explain the political situation to one another over jugs of sack and use words like "plaguey". Ailz found it indigestible too.
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