Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

One Little Task Completed, Another Still To Do

I finally posted off my application for an old folk's free bus pass. I became eligible last autumn (Ruth got me the form) but I've been putting off completing it- not because I'm ashamed of being old (honestly!) but because I'm a born procrastinator.

Talking about procrastination, I need to go through the racks- as Ailz reminded me this morning- and find something I can wear at my son's wedding- which is now less than a month away. He's getting married in three stages (only one of which we'll be attending)- first in Tokyo where he lives, then in Korea where his fiancee comes from and finally in Birmingham where his mother lives. The Korean ceremony will involve him getting into hanbok.  I was telling him yesterday not to forget to have someone on hand with a movie camera.

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