Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

One Process Still Ongoing, Another Completed

Our neighbour turns her internet on mid morning. Until then we kick our heels. We were under the impression that- once the hardware was installed- our transition from Virgin to BT would be a matter of someone, somewhere flicking a switch, but it seems politics comes into it too.

Mohammed the builder sent his engineer round to do what needed to be done to fix the gas fire in the front room. This was the last little job outstanding from the work he started well over a year ago. I was expecting the guy at 10.30. In the event he came much earlier and caught me in my dressing gown. I don't like people to see me as a lean and slippered pantaloon, but I mind it less than I might once have done; after all, it's what I am (see yesterday's post). The engineer sings and whistles at his work which Ailz hates. But he's gone now- finished- leaving the all important certificate behind him. Peter from the Council will now authorise payment to Mohammed and we can put the whole business behind us.

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