Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Wandering From One Thing To Another

I dreamed I was going round a house/museum full of the most wonderfully beautiful dioramas. While I was in the dream I knew all sorts of things I don't know in my waking state- and which vanished as soon as my eyes opened. I think the dioramas had something to do with alternate universes or the astral planes, but of course I can't be sure. 

I know where the dioramas came from. They came from the episode of Midsummer Murders Ailz and I watched last night. One of the characters had a room full of miniature battlefields. There was also a headless horseman. A Headless Horseman! Who writes this stuff? I'll bet they have fun. 

I like what Neil Dudgeon has done with the Barnaby role. He's even less like a police detective than John Nettles was. I love this series . It's Scooby-do with posh people and country houses. The country house last night was a totally mad Victorian confection of turrets and gargoyles. The gargoyles came in handy for dropping from a great height on the squire's head. 

Because I was glued to Midsummer Murders I missed the third part of Johathan Meades' series on France. Meades is one of the few great originals who is still allowed to practise his craft on TV. I deplore him as much as I adore him, but what a lovely change it is to want to throw things at the screen not because it's so stupid but because it's so provocative. 

I'll catch Meades on i-player later today. I understand he's on about France and America and how the Gallic attitude could be summed up as "Yankee go home, but take me with you." Meades knows France from the inside- and aims to disabuse. As a common-or-garden lover of all things stereotypically French I have been finding this latest series particularly bracing. 
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