Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


My in-laws bought a new bed. When it was delivered they found it was too high. Yesterday afternoon Aliz and I went to the bed-shop with my mother-in-law and arranged for it to be swapped for a lower one. This morning my mother-in-law has decided it would be better to keep the first bed and remove the castors (which I shall be doing for her this evening).

A little later: I won't be removing the castors this evening because if I did the drawers in the base would become inoperable. My mother-in-law has been on the phone to the bed shop and has swapped the bed she has in her possession for a lower one (not the model she was going to buy yesterday, but another we looked at but rejected). 

Later still: The bed my mother-in-law now wants may be unavailable (opinions at the bed shop differ.) I think we were told this yesterday, but we were told so many things about so many different beds that I can't be sure. 
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