Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Then And Now

It's exactly a year since Mohammed's workmen were putting the final touches to the reordering of the house. Peter, the Council's site manager, was here yesterday, looking at work that may or may not be outstanding. We settled on one thing- the lack of a certificate of health for the gas fire in the front room. The other thing we'd been querying- the kitchen overflow that was emptying itself into the cupboard under the sink- Peter fixed himself. It took him half a minute.

We went to Sainsbury's in the afternoon and- because it's Christmas- spent nearly twice as much as we normally would.

We were up again very early in the morning, had a brew, went back to bed. This time I dreamed I was somewhere in France- taking photographs (as I so often do). In Dreamland they haven't yet invented digital photography- and I needed to find a shop that would sell me film. There was a museum of Spanish (?) art I wanted to see the inside of- but never did. 
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