Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Have Gun, Will Saunter

We took the in-laws to the wheelchair centre yesterday. Eric says it's the first time he's left the house (not counting trips to hospitals and medical centres) since June. He's now in the process of buying a light-weight chair.

Ailz had a coughing fit last night and got up at threeish. I lay awake, writing a piece about Weir of Hermiston in my head, then got up, had a cup of tea and wrote it for real. We went back to bed around five. I slept a little. I dreamed I was wandering round Oldham (as it used to be before the redevelopment of the 80s) waiting for Woolworths to open. I was wearing a Home Guard uniform and carrying a Lee Enfield rifle- and kept running into my children as they were twenty years ago.
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