Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Life Is Short

I've watched the first three episodes now. Some fun was to be had from seeing Hollywood "A"listers playing monstrous versions of themselves. Otherwise...

I haven't taken offence. I think comedy is meant to bust taboos, though I don't think the taboo about mocking dwarves is one that particularly needed to be busted. Last night's show featured a drunk dwarf taking his trews down and being "sick on his own penis". And, yeah, we saw it happening. Was it funny? I guess it might have been if we hadn't become inured to this kind of boundary pushing. Life is Short comes at the end of a decade in which all the coolest comedies have been cruel- and shock tactics no longer shock. 

Another thing that's getting to be old is the comedy that pretends it's a documentary.

Finally, Warwick Davis isn't a comedian. He's channelling David Brent but without whatever it is about Ricky Gervais that made David Brent funny. His character is a monster but not an engaging monster. This isn't his fault- exactly- some people are funny, some aren't. If he were, it's possible none of the criticisms I've made would matter very much.
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