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Tony Grist

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Yes, Really [Nov. 24th, 2004|12:49 pm]
Tony Grist
One of the stimulating things about LJ is that you never know when the Messerschmidts are going to come diving at you out of the sun.

Mainly you're among friends, but it's a public arena and anything is possible.

I like it that it's public. Yeah, I do really.


From: archyena
2004-11-24 04:14 pm (UTC)
Whatever her criticism of your work, she should be reminded of two important things:

(1) It is your work. Inherently, it explores the issues you desire to explore, in the way you wish to explore them, and to the ends you wish to achieve. Your work has no obligation to serve any revolution or movement, much less to serve it in whatever way a self-appointed gatekeeper of ideology deems. To make arbitrary criticism based on one's own experiences and preferences, especially without having read the work in question, is to engage in prejudice and bigotry, to further place that critique in a pejorative context is far beyond inappropriate. Which is not a bad segue to:

(2) If the person is going to pretend to the title of literary critic, especially if harsh ideological dialectics are to be applied, it behooves the would-be critic to take on the character of academic discourse as opposed to the coarser, less productive methods of Internet newsgroups. The procedures of argument in academe have been carefully constructed to make express, productive argumentation possible and to avoid the pitfalls of human tendencies to insult, belittle, and slander their opponents. It is worthwhile for the critic to remember that both the writer and the critic are engaged in furthering art and ideas generally and that critique ought always serve this purpose. Herding people into a party line has no place in legitimate discussion. That said, ad hominem attacks and condescension have less place than that and bring down the character and integrity of discourse.

Woo. Lengthy.
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