Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


Ailz: Would you say you knew everything about me?

Self: Hell, no.

Ailz: Cos there's this thing I'm reading that says that couples start off asking one another questions all the time and then they think they know everything about one another and get bored with the relationship.

Self: How can I possibly know everything about you when I don't know everything about myself?

Ailz: Exactly.

What is personality? It's certainly not a package tied up with string. It's not fixed. I get this image of a rock pool, washed over twice daily by the tide. It's a tight little eco-system, but one that's open to something a whole lot bigger.

O look, those pebbles weren't there before. And that crab is new.

Hello, Mr Crab.
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