Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Wedding Of River Song

Pterodactyls, pyramids, Churchill, Dickens, a cave full of living skulls: that was just the most outrageous fun!   I sometimes forget, in my nitpicking over matters of detail,  just how much I enjoy the show.

The BBC is cancelling Dr Who Confidential. I'll miss it. Last night's final episode performed a public service by giving us River Song's time-line the right way round.  We also got a miniature episode scripted by school children, featuring Nickolas Grace as Einstein. It was lovely. 

The "death of the doctor" promises to be a significant turning point- clearing the way for smaller, less overblown story lines. Also, next season, we're promised the "fall of Eleven"- which implies a regeneration-  plus a consideration of the primal question of the universe... 
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