Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


My best friend from theological college died earlier this year. I just found out. We weren't close; we weren't brothers; what brought us together was being married men in a community of bachelors. He found me flippant; I found him rather too earnest. He grinned a lot and had  to have jokes explained to him. We used to play badminton- the only time I've ever played any game competitively. He always beat me. 

He had a little scooter. I used to ride on the back to the badminton courts. One time, coming down King's Parade, we went into a skid and nearly crashed. 

After ordination he and his wife moved to Bristol. My wife and I visited them there. We went round the SS Great Britain- only recently returned from the Falklands- in a foursome and he reproved me for drinking scrumpy. Then he went to New Zealand and we lost touch.  He spent most of his adult life labouring at a theological magnum opus that is going to be published posthumously. 

He was 63. 
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