Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

This, That And The Other

My father-in-law has realised that sheltered accomodation doesn't mean nursing home and was talking about it quite reasonably yesterday. I doubt, though, whether anything will actually happen.

I don't watch many detective shows, but The Body Farm has me hooked. I love the idea of a bunch of forensic scientists living together in a run-down farmhouse with dead bodies festering all around. The autopsy room may not be next door to the kitchen but it's only just down the corridor.  They liase regularly with a policeman played by Lily Allen's dad. He too seems to be entirely lacking in a sense of smell. 

Can pet rabbits spend the winter outside? I need to know. We've never had one who lived in the garden before; he's happy there and we really don't want to move him inside unless we have to. 
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