Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The God Complex

There was a labyrinth, so there had to be a minotaur, but a man in a rubber suit is not a minotaur. See what I mean?

There's a minotaur in Fellini's Satyricon which is explicitly a man (a very big man- all oiled and sweaty) dressed up as a minotaur. That works better I think. 

Monsters are problematic. We see the rubber suit, or the CGI for what they are.  Maybe we collude and pretend to be scared but that's just good manners- and we're not scared really.

There was a valiant attempt to disguise the monster's rubberiness by backlighting it and shooting from odd angles or through running water and all that sort of thing. It's an old trick and we're wise to it.

Otherwise, this was an excellent episode. 

David Walliams as the cowardly mole man: great fun

Amara Karan as the smart Muslim girl: brilliant. What a fine actor- and what a pity she's not going to be a future companion after all.

The hotel setting- deliciously creepy and exploited to the max.

The script by Toby Whithouse- full of quotable lines, both funny and touching.

And I'm pleased that this season is continuing to deconstruct the Doctor. He's the one with the God Complex-  irresponsible and overconfident. He promises there'll be no more deaths- and there are- and all because he's misread the situation. 

Faith is a bad thing; discuss.

Have we seen the last of Amy and Rory? Surely not. 
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