Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Quiet Life, Tennis, Hurricane Katia

We took my mother-in-law to the shops yesterday morning, In the afternoon Odi dropped by with the kids. These are big events in my life. When I was reading Tarot with Alice the other day I got a spread that exactly expressed how fixed and rooted and mundane my life is at the moment- and how this is entirely by my own choice. So I'm not complaining. My first half century and a bit was full of change and incident:- enough- ahem- to last a lifetime. 

I never cared much for Serena Williams. And I went right off her when she crowned a win at Wimbledon a year or two back by ascribing it to "Jehovah, my God". I'm English; that kind of up-front religiosity gives me the creeps. I've gone off her even more now following her ungracious persecution of the umpire at Flushing Meadow. The umpire, Goddammit, was right. Williams broke the rules and suffered the proper penalty. Being a big star playing on your own turf doesn't (shouldn't) mean you get the rules waived in your favour. I'm very happy Stosur went on to beat her.

Federer went down in my estimation too. I'm English and I admire generosity in defeat. Federer's rubbishing of Djokovic's victory was grouchy and mean-spirited. It seems like he's having a hard time coming to terms with no longer being number one. Well, I'm sorry for him too, or maybe that needs to go in the past tense. Every dog has its day, Roger, and you're no longer number one or even number two. It happens to every champion in the end. You had a glorious run. Now it's Novac's turn. Be glad for him. 

Hurricane Katia swept by. I was expecting a rougher ride than she gave us. Really, by the time she reached us she was little more than a strong breeze. 
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