Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Me and Fabi Don't Like To Go Swimming

I don't like to go swimming- not in an indoor pool, anyway-  so the idea was I'd sit outside in the sun and read a book. When he discovered swimming involved getting wet Fabi decided he didn't like it either so he came out (screaming) to join me. At first I wished we'd brought a ball with us, but actually we didn't need it.  We had a grassy slope to run up and down, a branch with dead leaves still adhering that rattled when we shook it, another branch we made pretend was a walking stick, thistledown to chase, catch and  release and a drain cover with studs on it we could count- one, two, three, four. These things kept us going for about an hour- until Mama, Nanna and Christa were finished.
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