Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

One Of My Old Muckers Makes The Grade

When I was a boy I took possession of my dad's wind-up 8mm movie camera and made a number of films. They dealt with reincarnation, demonic possession, hauntings, black magic- all that kind of thing- and contained as much sex and violence as I thought I could get away with (though I didn't entirely because a couple of parents cut up rough.)  My masterpiece- though I don't believe I ever finished editing it (touch of the Orson Welleses there)- was a gay love story .

Among my collaborators was this guy...

I particularly remember a scene in which he played a Victorian would-be rapist and I played a soon-to-be Victorian murderer and we had a terrific fight in the churchyard of St Michael's East Peckham- which I won.
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