Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Kid Stuff

Every child at Fabi's nursery has a folder full of pictures of their nearest and dearest. We're in Fabi's. If he gets teary and difficult out comes the picture of Nanna and Numpa and he calms down. 

They say second-born kids get a raw deal. I see it with Christa. Whatever she does, Fabi always got there first.  However smart she is Fabi will always be smarter. And that's going to be the pattern of her life until they hit adulthood. The upside is she's got an older brother to watch out for her and teach her things. He calls her Kita. She's a cheerful, square-edged, little person who lurches around from one piece of furniture to the next like a battery-operated toy robot. 
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