Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

How Vainly Men Themselves Amaze...

When Project Gutenburg digitized the H.G. Wells novel I've just finished reading it also digitized the advertisments at the back of the American first edition.

For instance, this: 

Thracian Sea

A Novel by John Helston, Author of Aphrodite, etc.....

Probably no author of to-day has written more powerfully or frankly on the conventions of modern society than John Helston, who, however, has hitherto confined himself to the medium of verse. In this novel, the theme of which occasionally touches upon the same problems- problems involving love, freedom of expression, the right to live one's life in one's own way- he is revealed to be no less a master of the prose form than of the poetical.....

Anyone out there ever heard of John Helston?

No? Me neither.
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