Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Candles and jewels

I dreamt that I was faffing around looking for candles for the high altar. The service couldn't start without them and we were already running fifteen to twenty minutes late. There was a chap in the dream who was verger at one of my churches, only I forget which one; I think his name was Billy;  I haven't thought of him for years. He had the not very bright idea of using an incense burner shaped like a Hindu goddess in place of one of the candles.  My boss- the future Archdeacon of Rochdale- eventually turned up and was contemptuously angry as was his style.

We'd intended to watch the final at Queens yesterday afternoon, but it was raining in London so instead  I played  a game called Jewels Adventure which happens to be on my tablet.  Ailz says playing the game will have made me anxious and being anxious is what triggered the candles dream.  The jewels are very shiny and run against one another with a satisfying click. 
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