Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

A Few Lines

Odi gave us some Avon stuff to give to Samina next door. I went round in the evening and rang Samina's bell and said, "Avon lady calling"

We had a bad day on Monday with Ailz's father. He can barely walk. We took him to the doctor's for some blood tests and he's been diagnosed with an infection (whatever that means) and given antibiotics.

I'm reading R.K. Narayan.  Thus far I've read The Painter of Signs and The Guide. He and Graham Greene were mates. Narayan is Hindu the way Greene was Catholic.  Both are entertainers, both have this spiritual hinterland that stretches back and back.
The BBC showed the whole of the Dr Who serial The Hand of Fear over a couple of nights in tribute to Elisabeth Sladen. It was very ropey, very sweet. 
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