Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


 I voted Yes to AV- which means I'll almost certainly be on the losing side again.

They're telling us we've just enjoyed the hottest April on record. I thought it had to be- what with all the afternoons I've spent sitting in the back-yard. When we were coming back from Wilmslow a couple of weeks ago the hawthorn was in bloom all along the motorway- about a month earlier than usual. 

The main reason we were over in Yorkshire yesterday was to buy a chair cushion for my father-in-law. There are three branches of Ikea within reasonable travelling distance. and Leeds was the only one that had this particular item in stock. I chose Monk Bretton Priory as a side trip because it was the nearest English Heritage property. South Yorkshire, being urban, doesn't have many. The Priory occupies a field in what is otherwise a rather grotty suburb of Barnsley. 
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