Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Rabbits And Royals

We tried to rearrange the rabbits yesterday. We took Trig outside and put him in a pen with Tolkien in the hope that they might- now they've been neutered- become friends again. What happened was they sat as far apart as they could and ignored one another completely ( while Nikisha and Zhaim- from next door- poked bits of dandelion at them). Afterwards we let them out and they took up positions at opposite ends of the yard- Tolkien in the shrubbery and Trig by the back door, as if pleading to be let back in. 

Then we brought Tosh downstairs. We were thinking- now Trig had been removed-  he might like to be in the living room with us. He had other ideas. No sooner had I put him down than he ran back upstairs to "his" bedroom. This is called "voting with one's feet".
So, by the end of the day they were all back where they started. Tosh and Trig in the bedroom (where they tolerate one another- its not a friendship) and Tolkien outside. They say rabbits are social animals. I'm really not so sure.
The royal wedding is getting hard to ignore. I was flicking through the main channels last night and there were no fewer than four Will and Kate related programmes showing between 8 and 10. I wouldn't say I'm not interested- you can't not be interested in something that says so much about the state of the nation, but I'm not enthused. I want to see the monarchy phased out not perpetuated- and Will and Kate as media constructs (we don't know them as people) are so very, very dull.   
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