Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Natural Justice

I understand there have recently been changes in immigration law that strengthen the rights of children in asylum cases. Odi and Peter's lawyer will be using these to continue pressing their case with the Home Office.

Fabi greets us these days as "nanna" and "grandpa". The better he is bonded to us- and the society he is growing up in- the more compelling is the case that he should stay. When we saw him yesterday we were trying to teach him to say, "I am an English boy". He's getting very quick at picking up words. He didn't grasp the whole sentence- it is perhaps a little too abstract for him-  but he managed a garbled version of "English".

I think it's a travesty of natural justice that a child should be expelled from the country in which he/she was born. 
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