Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Spring, Midsomer Murders, Henning Mankell

It was so warm the day before yesterday that I lay down on the grass in Dunham Massey Park and -very briefly- went to sleep. Today I'm going to retrieve the garden chairs from the shed.

I caught a few minutes of Midsomer Murders last night. After all the kerfuffle about them operating a colour bar I made a point of scouring the background for Black or Asian extras; there weren't any. In the foreground dear David Warner had single-handedly suspended the new Barnaby- who is a heavy man-  from the rafters of a barn and placed a wickedly-bladed piece of farm machinery underneath. Dear David Warner will be 70 this year. 

Henning Mankell has written a final Wallender novel. Asked whether he's happy to be famous for his detective novels when he was done so much else, he replies "I believe...the most important thing you do in your life, you may not even know what it is. It may be that one day you sat down on a bench to comfort someone who is crying. That could be the most important thing you ever do." I like that. The full interview is here.
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