Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Tesco Comes To Hathershaw

Go to the top of Honeywell Lane, turn left on Ashton Rd and and the second premises on the left used to be a petrol station. It closed and the site stood empty for years; then- earlier this year-  we noticed they had the builders in and wondered what they were putting up. Now we know. It's a dinky little Tesco's with a small parking lot in front. We popped in yesterday for cheesecake and brownies and bakewell tarts. This is bad news for all the small, family-run businesses in the area, but- honestly- wouldn't  you rather shop at Tesco's given the choice? I know I would.

I remember the first modern British supermarket I ever visited. It was in Lewes, Sussex- and the year was 1980. I was overwhelmed. Everything you could possibly want under one roof, well-lit and ready to hand; aisles full of gleaming fruit and veg; space to move around in; no queuing- except at the very end; no straining to catch the assistant's eye. I raved about it for weeks, months- in fact I'm still raving now.

There's a reason supermarkets have driven the high street shops to the wall. It's because the experience of shopping in a supermarket is so very much better. 
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