Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Donatello Got There First

I liked this too, but feel bound to point out that Michelangelo- for all his obsession with dicks- wasn't actually the first renaissance artist to create an undraped, free-standing, male nude. That honour goes to Donatello. Interestingly- given the controversy that Michelangelo's statue allegedly caused when first unveiled-  there is no record of  Donatello's lissome, boyish, late Gothic David- which had been on open display in the same city for generations-  ever causing any kind of a stir. 

I suppose Donatello got edited out because he impedes narrative flow. His David was a one off, leading to nothing in particular- and it makes a better story to have brawny, art-heroical  Michelangelo (whom everyone has heard of) crash the taboo without forerunners.  
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