Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Goodbye, Tish

We got up this morning to find one of our rabbits dead:  the younger one- Tish.  She was lying on the floor- stretched out- with Tosh watching over her. She'd shown no sign of failing- she'd always been a lazy old thing- so I suppose she'd had a heart attack. I wrapped her in a pillow case and buried her in the backyard. 

Then I fed the birds.

We got Tosh to keep Joe amused. That's nearly six years ago now. He'd been saying he wanted a pet and was threatening to get a snake which didn't appeal to us very much (all those dead mice in the freezer) so we compromised with a rabbit and a guinea pig. The guinea pig was a mistake- Tosh just bullied it- and we swapped it for a second rabbit- an older rabbit that didn't live long. Tosh has now outlived three "wives".  We won't be supplying him with another. He's an elderly gentleman in rabbit terms- and when he goes we'll be winding up our rabbit-keeping days. 
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