Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Byelection News

I'm beginning to wish I'd kept all the political bumf that has come through the door since the Old and Sad byelection kicked off. I would have put it in a folder and willed it to the Local History Museum.  It would have been a fat folder and future generations would have thanked me. The Lib Dems have posted the most. In a recent communication Elwyn Watkins claimed to be ahead of Labour, but the national pollsters disagree.  I've had real live canvassers from the Lib Dems and Labour and nobody yet from the Tories. UKIP and the BNP have delivered one leaflet apiece. 

P.S. This morning's post brings three letters from the Labour party- two "signed" by  the candidate Debbie Abrahams and one by a local councillor who has deserted the Lib Dems. They've paid second class postage on all of them- which must mean they've got money to burn. 

All three address me as Anthony. This grates slightly. I'm old and staid enough to think the proper mode of addressing someone you don't  know personally is by title and surname. Besides, only my mother calls me Anthony.

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