Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Slowly Getting Sorted

When we took the curtains down we had the use of Carl and his extra high step ladder. Neither were around yesterday, but the workmen have left an extra high stepladder on the premises- from the bespattered state of it I think it must have arrived with Ian the plasterer- so I took my courage in both hands- I'm scared of heights- and shinned up it and hung the front room curtains.

We're slowly unpacking boxes and putting things away in their proper places. The biggest problem is presented by all the silly little things that don't have proper places. We got rid of a desk when we were taking the house to pieces- and now everything that was in its drawers has to be found another home.

I sorted through some tins and jars this morning- all of which we'd carefully put into storage- and almost all of which were things we'd never want to eat (pickled cucumbers for instance)- and well past their use-by date. My wheelie bin is now pretty much full. I reckon I'm going to borrow Rene's next door for the overflow. She's not home and I don't think she'll mind.
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