Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist


The harsh weather has shut the country down again. We should have been going to the family Xmas party yesterday afternoon, but we didn't. 

Samina next door asked me if I'd mind the kids for her while she went and collected her car- which she'd driven into a snowdrift (or something like that) the night before. I got to do Disney jig-saws with them and play on Nikisha's Nintendo. 

TV is getting to be awfully Christmassy. Last night I watched a concert of carols and stuff performed by folk acts, like the Unthanks and Bellowhead. The guy who was MCing was doing that alliterative thing Leonard Sachs used to do on The Good Old Days. Half the people on stage- and a few in the audience- were wearing top hats. It made me think how much I would like a top hat of my own.

There's been no more snow over night, but no thaw either. The footprints I made in the backyard yesterday have turned to ice.

I just went out and put some bird seed down. 
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