Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Some Things Good, Some Things Not So Good

I was looking for a particular cup and suddenly remembered I'd put it in a cupboard in the kitchen- because for the first time in over a month we have a kitchen and it has cupboards in it.

The weather has turned- and is serving up the sort of thing we expect at this term of year- heavy cloud, rain, temperatures above freezing. Once the ice has gone Mohammed says he'll send men to take away the rubbish in the backyard- which stands as high as I do. 

A couple of cupboard doors in the kitchen have been wrongly hung. I have Mohammed and his joiner here. They are both very gloomy about it. I am very gloomy about it. Ailz is very gloomy about it. Mohammed is on the phone to Peter. I imagine Peter is very gloomy about it too. 

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