Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Slow Progress

If a house is a machine for living then this house is a machine that's busted. The only running water is in the bathroom and the only cooking facilities are in the back living room.

The joiner has been here all day. I think he may have finished in the front living room, but I can't be sure because he left before I could ask him. The kitchen is so full of packaged kitchen units that I can't use the back door.

They're showing old John Wayne movies in the afternoons- not very good John Wayne movies. Yesterday it was The Undefeated- in which his co-star is Rock Hudson of all people. Rock Hudson with shoulder-length hair and a moustache looks like a beefier Keanu Reeves. Today it was some nonsense about a lost city co-starring Sophia Loren.  

The man from the stair-lift company rang to say he was coming to measure us up for a new track. He then rang again to say he was stuck in snow on a back street in Rochdale. 
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