Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Christa's Christening

We were at Christa's christening yesterday afternoon. We got to meet the new vicar and his wife and two girls- all very nice people. Nick- that's the vicar's name- has a beard and a perpetual grin and conducted the service like he was the entertainer at a children's party. Afterwards I picked up his vial of holy oil for him- which had been knocked to the ground and forgotten about- and put it in a place of safety.

Odi's house was crammed with people. The MC was playing African music with drones in it and I danced a bit with Fabi on my hip. At one point two pigs heads were carried into the house on platters. I was given a slice of cheek. I found it horribly fatty but Fabi couldn't get enough. We walked home with Nick and family because the vicarage is on our street. I think we'll be seeing more of them. 
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