Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Reflections On The Battle Of Millbank

1. David Cameron wasn't even in the country. And, really, no-one would have paid any attention to the student protest if things hadn't turned a little rough. Good-natured demonstrations achieve nothing. If you want government- any government- to sit up and take notice you've got to scare the bastards.

2. I would prefer to live in a society where it wasn't necessary to storm buildings and throw fire extinguishers at the police, but it wasn't the marchers who started this war. This government has chosen to deal with the woeful financial situation by taking money mainly from the weak. They could have gone after the bankers and the corporations; they could- for instance- have required Vodaphone to pay its taxes- but they chose the line of least resistance.  Maybe they thought it would be the line of no resistance at all. If so they have discovered their mistake.

3. Target the rich and they'll withdraw their donations and the support of their newspapers; target the poor and they'll kick your windows in. 
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