Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Electricians: Day 7

There's no longer any place to hide. Every room is topsy turvy- and there was nothing for it this afternoon but to sit tight in the back room while Khalid and his team did things around us. The dust gets thicker.

Tonight we have lights on upstairs but no sockets- and sockets on downstairs but no lights. The kitchen is without power-except for the hob (I don't know why)- and the freezer and boiler are both plugged into extension cables working from a socket in the hall. 

We escaped into the great outdoors a couple of times- once to transact business at the Post Office and once to buy chips for lunch- but It's bitterly cold, with bursts of near-freezing rain. I understand there's snow on the Pennines.

I'm about halfway through the Einstein book; he's stopped discovering things and is now a celeb. He and Chaim Weizmann have just completed a tour of the eastern seaboard of the USA, raising money for Zionist causes.

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