Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Electricians: Day 4

Yesterday evening they removed all the upstairs lights. There is now no corner of  the house that hasn't been trashed. Khalid lent us a couple of plug-in lights to see us through the night. Today they continued banging away upstairs, but the lights are still off at the end of the day. Khalid asks- with that sorrowful look on his face- whether the people who wired the place in 1986 were professionals, because the evidence is against it- but I've noticed that tradesmen always like to cast aspersions on their predecessors' work. 

I spent much of the morning noodling round Johann Hari's website. He's a political journalist whose views very largely correspond to mine. Odi rang in a tearful state just before lunch and we dispensed advice. I walked round to the house in the afternoon, but she wasn't there. I'd like to think she was out and about putting our advice to good use. 

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