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Tony Grist

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Holes [Oct. 25th, 2010|04:42 pm]
Tony Grist
Douglas and Gerry- two old men, about my age, Mr Yousaf calls them "the lads"- have spent the day making holes in the kitchen walls.

I've been trying to live a normal life. I cooked lunch in my holey kitchen while Gerry did things with bricks just feet away on the other side of one of the holes. Douglas asked me if I followed football and I said I did- though I don't really- because I want these men to like me and be gentle with my house.  He then asked me what team I supported and I said Manchester United because that's Ruth's team. He made some comment in broad Scouse at which I smiled and nodded. He supports Liverpool and Gerry supports Chelsea.

They've left the kitchen with boards over its two holes - and say they'll be back tomorrow to make a third. 

From: jorrocks_j
2010-10-25 11:24 pm (UTC)

Sports talk is the lingua franca of our sex.

But I never learned to speak it. I guess that's why guys all think I'm gay. (Women never make that mistake: they have better gaydar, or something...)
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[User Picture]From: poliphilo
2010-10-26 07:51 am (UTC)

Re: Sports talk is the lingua franca of our sex.

I like cricket and tennis. Football bores me- at least as a game- though I find the sociology of it fascinating.
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