Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Heavy Lifting

There's only so much heavy lifting I can do in a day. I've never had much stamina. Once- in my twenties- I tried to keep pace with a couple of young dudes on a Kentucky farm who were heaving great enormous hay bales onto a wagon in the torpid heat of a summer's day and it all but killed me.  I struggled through to lunch, then slunk away shamefacedly and did something ladylike instead. 

This morning I finished clearing out the kitchen cupboards. Then we took a load to the storage unit and I filled the last of the floor space there. After lunch we went up to Sainsbury's and I deposited six bags of books and videos in the Oxfam bin and bought some strong carrier bags. I've discovered I prefer bags to boxes when in comes to packing books; they're so much easier to carry.

Since then I've been sitting around, doing a crossword, dozing- and getting up once in a while to potter.
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