Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

The Cuts

I don't know what the papers say because I'm not reading the papers, but I can't see how you can revive an economy by putting something like a million people out of work- or how you can save on benefits when so many more will be claiming them.

Of course the cuts will hit the poor worst of all. They always do. The rich are insulated by their wealth. The rich will barely notice.

I think it's funny that we'll be buying a couple of aircraft carriers (because we can't wriggle out of the contracts) but not the planes to go with them.

Britain's post-imperial fever dream about being a first-rate power is finally over. We've woken up.  It is amusing/ironic that this should happen under a Tory government. There will be no more Iraqs because we can't afford them.

Nick Clegg seemed to have spilled gravy on his bright yellow tie. Ailz says it was the way the light was falling. Either way he looked miserable. As well he might.
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