Tony Grist (poliphilo) wrote,
Tony Grist

Prolonging The Fast

 When I'm on holiday I stay away from the Internet. We had wifi at the rental and Ailz and Ruth had taken laptops with them, but the most I did was look over their shoulders once or twice.  It was so pleasant to be away from the English newspapers that I've prolonged my fast and in more than a week now I haven't even glanced at any of their websites- except on those occasions when Ailz calls me to her computer to show me something particularly funny, gross or annoying in the Mail.

(She's doing it now. Apparently Bruce Willis has a daughter called Rumor who looks just like his current wife and Helen Mirren's first night frock got soaked from walking along a red carpet that had been out in the rain.)

I get my news from the TV. I hate how stupid it is- but the basic info is there- and I can do my own editorialising. I'm taking things steady- a day at a time- but I think I may have cured myself of my addiction to political trivia.

(Here's Ailz again: Kanye West has had his bottom teeth replaced with diamonds and Cybil Shepherd is 62).
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